About Fabio

My name is Matthew Maguire and I used to be fat. Growing up on Staten Island I was teased and ridiculed because of my weight. Kids would call me Fat Stuff or Fatty all throughout school. I hated the way I looked and depression was starting to take its toll. Even though I was playing Lacrosse in High School, my weight stayed the same. This further frustrated me, which led to more eating.

After High School and throughout college I worked hard to get my weight under control. I wanted to be “That Guy.” The good looking, physically fit, popular guy we all dream of being. I continued playing Lacrosse during college as well as realizing my purpose in life. My own desire to improve myself led me down my path of helping others to reach their goals. But first, I had to get my own life in order.

With hard work and dedication, the weight started to come off. I began studying nutrition and how a proper diet is crucial for reaching my goals. My poor diet left me with a sweet tooth and I struggled to resist the urges every time I saw a cookie or brownie. If you’re like me and love good food, you know this craving will never go away. Ove time I started becoming That Guy and my other goals and aspirations started falling into place as well.
Becoming a personal trainer was a life changing decision for me. Not only did I lose the weight and my health improved, I was able to reach another goal and started modeling professionally. I worked for several companies and am featured in Phoenix Valley Lifestyle Magazine, Boy Rio Fashion, and I am on the cover of Carian Cole’s book Storm: Ashes & Embers.

After several years of modeling, I was fortunate enough to start working as a personal trainer to help others reach their fitness goals, which has always been a dream of mine. Lifting up others and helping them build their confidence and help them achieve the look they have always wanted is what I live for. I work with all types of people, from professional athletes to former couch potatoes. My workout routines will leave you exhausted and my meal plans will help nourish your body bringing out your inner sexy beast. 

Ready to change your life for the better? 

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